American Patriotic Stars and Guns- White Phone Case



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Step into a world where fashion meets patriotism. The "American Stars and Guns" phone case seamlessly blend style with love for the country. Every case is a testament to your dedication to honoring the nation. The striking design allows the case to stand out, making a bold statement about your love for the USA.

Carry it proudly, knowing you're not just protecting your phone; you're showcasing your patriotism.

  •   Clear, open ports for connectivity
  •    Materials: 100% polycarbonate (shell), 100% TPU (lining)
  •    Available with a glossy or matte finish

Key features:

  •  3D Wrap:- Full ink density wrap and image transfer
  •  UV protected:- Excellent resistance to outdoor weathering, longterm optical quality
  •  Durability:-Made of durable and impact resistant materials with good shock absorption, protecting against drop and tear
  •  Silicone liner:- The TPU silicone liner on the inside of the case has a premium finish and absorbs shock from impacts

 Care instructions:- Clean with a soft damp cotton or microfiber cloth (add a drop of dish soap if needed)